Tuple Legal Client Resisting Trump. Start your resistance today.POLITICO recently profiled a client of Tuple Legal. Geoff Anderson founded a nonprofit organization to shine a light on the records of elected officials–beginning with Donald Trump. POLITICO details Geoff’s resistance:

Nearly 3,000 miles from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Washington offices, another investigation into President Donald Trump is underway. This one unfolds in the public libraries and coffee shops of San Francisco, where a self-employed 40-year-old named Geoff Andersen has worked since November … in pursuit of hidden truths about Trump’s rise to power.



Convinced that major media reporters are too overwhelmed and distracted to dig deep, Andersen looks in unusual places. His recent request for access to a long-forgotten microfiche cabinet containing old Securities and Exchange Commission records related to pre-internet-era Trump casino deals left the librarians scratching their heads.


“They had to find the key,” Andersen chuckled.

After the story broke, Geoff gave Tuple a kind shout-out:

You can also start your resistance to Trump, and Tuple Legal can help. Send a note today for more information.

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