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Tuple’s founder, Ryan Hughes, is a nonprofit law attorney. Ryan has deep roots in California
politics and nonprofits, so he’s more than a lawyer: he’s the counsel you need to be laser-focused
on you and your mission, every step of the way.


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Tuple helps you achieve positive change for your cause and your community.

Whether you’re looking to start a new California nonprofit, find counsel to help navigate your nonprofit’s IRS tax filings, get nonprofit activism compliance, or make governing changes.

Start a Nonprofit

New founders need trusted legal counsel to make crucial formation and organizational governance decisions.

Grow Your Nonprofit

Tuple helps California nonprofits with their ongoing needs such as Form 990, periodic state filings, bylaws amendments, navigate conflict of interest issues, and facilitate annual meetings.

Advance Your Cause

Comprehensive legal counsel to help your group positively influence the political process.

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Legal Counsel for California Nonprofits

Initial Nonprofit Formation Matters

Forming a new nonprofit is a complex, confusing process that will impact your organization throughout its life.

New founders without the guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer often make avoidable mistakes such as choosing the wrong tax-exempt status or organizational governance structure. Here are some crucial points for you to consider.

Nonprofit Taxes (Form 990)

Most nonprofit types must file annual tax returns with the IRS — the dreaded Form 990 — or risk losing their tax-exempt status.

Form 990 is complicated. It’s very easy to make mistakes that are very costly to fix.

And after Form 990, your organization still of course has tax filing requirements with the state. Tuple prepares and files your Form 990 and and state tax forms so that you can focus on growing your nonprofit and supporting your cause. Learn more here.

Ongoing Nonprofit Compliance

Maintaining compliance is crucial to staying in good standing with state and federal regulators, and of course, donors.

Noncompliant organizations may be subject to audits and/or revocation of tax-exempt status. Losing tax-exempt status can be incredibly damaging to a nonprofit organization. Even if an organization is able to reestablish tax-exempt status, loss of that status in the first place can deter donor communities. Read more about how Tuple can help position your nonprofit for success.

Political Activities and Lobbying

Nonprofits can–and do–engage in political activities. But the type and amount of permissible activities vary drastically, depending on the type of nonprofit organization. Figuring out the limits for what is permissible and what is not is difficult, and any nonprofit organization planning on engaging politically should seek out counsel. Here are some applicable limitations to consider.

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