NBC News recently interviewed a client of Tuple Legal. Scott Gehrman founded an environmental nonprofit organization to make Yosemite and other national parks accessible to all. His organization, Lasting Adventures acts as a guide service.

Being in and out of national parks all the time, Scott had thoughts about proposals to add commercial services in national parks:

Scott Gehrman, founder and executive director of Lasting Adventures, Inc., a guide service for hikes, backpacking trips and other outdoor excursions, said some campgrounds in Yosemite could be modernized, including updated restrooms.


But he worries about how much commercialization a place like Yosemite, with its breathtaking vistas and towering waterfalls, can handle.


“I’ve always kind of said, I have a concern if you drive into Yosemite and it looks like Las Vegas — you know, we don’t want signs up everywhere,” he said.


Yosemite already offers food services, but the demand remains high.


“Yosemite used to have a food truck over by one of its most famous trails, and it just was kind of discreetly blended in,” Gehrman said. “So, I’m not necessarily opposed to the idea because if you could do it discreetly in a campsite and make it convenient for people and lessen the lines in some of the other areas, that might be a win-win.”

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